SuperM Witnessed The Power Of Taemin’s “Magic Hands” When His Phone Went “Missing”

The “missing” phone was with Ten, Lucas, and Mark the whole time!

Every SM Entertainment artist has heard of Taemin‘s legendary “magic hands” but few have had gotten to experience them up close and personal. But thanks to one missing phone moment, now his fellow SuperM members can be added to that list!


His habit of breaking or losing things, aka his magic hands, came out in full force when Taemin, Taeyong, Mark, Lucas, and Ten came back to South Korea after they wrapped up their US schedule.


Taemin recently uploaded a clip taken by Mark from their return trip. As Taemin and Taeyong walked ahead while having a conversation, Mark, Ten, and Lucas were busy having a bit of fun. They had picked up Taemin’s phone and were wondering just how long it would take him to realize it was gone.


The longer Taemin went without noticing his missing phone the more impressed they became with Taemin’s magic hand powers.

He still doesn’t know. He still doesn’t know!

— Mark


After walking for quite a while, Taemin reached back and finally realized he was missing something…


And experienced a moment of horror as he realized he’d left his phone somewhere. Meanwhile, his members couldn’t hold back their laughter as all this went down!

I left my phone!

— Taemin


Fans knew that a moment like that one was bound to happen sooner or later and were both very grateful that the younger members had their hyung’s back…


And loving the fact that they taped the whole thing!


Taemin’s legendary magic hands struck again!