SuperM Taeyong Comforting A Man After A Breakup Is Warming Everyone’s Hearts

When the man began to cry, Taeyong couldn’t stand by and watch.

For anyone who’s experienced a breakup or been close to someone going through it, it can be a rough time. When SuperM watched a man break up with his girlfriend in episode two of SuperM’s As We Wish, viewers and fans appreciated the way Taeyong handled the situation.

| tvn_joy/Instagram

Since the members helped the man by hiding a ring for him to surprise his girlfriend before the breakup, Taeyong assured him they were working on recovering it. In a gentle voice, he urged, “We are doing what we can to find the ring.

When Mark delivered the news that they couldn’t find the ring, the man began to sob so loudly no one could ignore it. Taeyong did what came natural, patting the man on the back as he cried, “It’s okay. It’s okay.

The words didn’t seem to comfort the man because he sobbed even louder than before. Taeyong didn’t give up or shy away from the situation.

He continued to comfort the man with words that had everyone melting at how caring he was. “Please don’t cry. It will be okay. You will meet someone better.

Even though the entire breakup scene had been an act and the couple were actors to fool the boys, everyone was touched by Taeyong’s first instinct to gently take care of the crying man and give him hope for the future.

Check out Taeyong’s heartwarming kindness towards the emotional man here.


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