SuperM’s Taeyong And Mark Are The Most Supportive Juniors For Hyping Up Taemin’s English

When Taemin needed support, they came through.

During SuperM‘s interview with Beats 1, Taemin busted out his English skills to answer how they felt about being called “The Avengers Of K-Pop.”

Taemin said they were grateful for receiving the name and would live up to it with their talent. He then explained what made them stand out: “there is a super synergy when we come together.”

After giving his answer entirely in English, Taemin was proud of himself and let out a deep breath of relief as he turned to his group members. That’s when Mark gave him a show of support, followed by Taeyong.

Taemin got his point across well despite English being a difficult language to master. Watch Taeyong and Mark support Taemin’s accomplishment.