SuperM Taeyong’s One Misstep Had Ten Fully On Edge

Ten jumped right into action.

As part of their We Are The Future tour, SuperM stopped in San Jose, California to perform a show everyone would remember.

During their performance of “No Manners”, Taeyong narrowly avoided taking a tumble that had Ten instantly reacting.

The performance was going smoothly at first. Taeyong slid down the side of one of the stage props, waiting for his queue to pop up. When the timing was right, that’s precisely what he did. The move didn’t turn out as expected.

As Taeyong moved both of his feet to stand firmly on both of the stage props, he’d popped up too quickly. His left foot hadn’t been in place, causing him to fall on that side. To prevent himself from falling, he’d been able to brace left arm. Ten had seen it all happen, a worried expression on his face.

Since Ten had been close enough, he went out of his way to reach out to Taeyong. He grabbed onto Taeyong’s arm and gave him the momentum to spin upward into a standing position. Ten did it all while making it look like part of the choreography.

Missteps can’t always be avoided and can lead to serious injuries. There was no way Ten would let Taeyong handle the situation all by himself.

Watch Ten be right by Taeyong’s side when he lost his footing.