SuperM’s Taeyong Reveals How He Charmed The Female Judges During Trainee Evaluations

It was too much for Taemin, Lucas, and Mark to handle.

SuperM‘s Taeyong is overflowing with talent and charm, making him a perfect fit for the supergroup or any NCT unit he’s a part of.


When the group created a Playlist Of Their Lives for Teen Vogue, he spilled new information about one of his trainee evaluations that proved he’s always been just as charming.

As Taeyong wrote down the song that was meaningful to him and moved to place it on the board, some of them already had an idea of where the conversation was headed. Ten had an eager smile on his face while Mark and Lucas made expressions of realization.

The song he’d chosen was Michael Bublé‘s “Feeling Good”. From the moment Taeyong sang the line, “You know how I feel,” they all burst into laughter. Ten nearly fell out of his seat while Taeyong walked away in embarrassment. When he explained the meaning behind it, they laughed even harder.

Without any shame whatsoever, Taeyong admitted, “During our evaluations, I sang this song to our female judges.” Before he’d even finished the sentence, Taemin and Mark were cracking up. Knowing the slow, sexy song would appeal to the female judges, Taeyong had taken it even further by suiting it to their tastes.

Taeyong had charmed them by singing it “very romantically.” They all couldn’t handle the new information. Taemin, Lucas, and Mark all laughed while Taeyong gave a confident thumbs up.

It seems like Taeyong’s charm paid off in the end. Look at where he is now. See their hilariously dramatic reactions to finding out about Taeyong’s secret weapon for charming the judges here.