SuperM’s Taeyong Stands Up For Ten When His Name Was Mispronounced

Taeyong couldn’t let it slide.

During SuperM‘s press conference that took place before the release of their music video “Jopping”, fans noticed Taeyong‘s reaction to one of the questions.

When the host was reading the username of the fan, who’d asked the question, part of Ten‘s full name was in it: Chittaphon.

The host had pronounced it as Chittaphrrr instead. Hearing this, Taeyong was quick to pronounce it correctly with a face so serious it looked like he could’ve thrown hands for Ten at that moment.

Although the fan’s username had indeed been Chittaphrrr, referring to Ten’s horse in NCT Life in Chiang Mai, it’s positive to know that Taeyong will stand up for his close friend. After all, that’s what friends are for.