SuperM’s Taeyong Is Warming Hearts With His Literal Shout Out To His Mom On “Ellen”

That’s the face of true commitment.

SuperM appeared on The Ellen Show, which was a first for all the members. Because of that, Taeyong couldn’t hide his excitement right from the start.


His introduction started off normal, “Hi guys. I’m Taeyong.” He then took it quite a bit further.

While waving both his arms in the air, he turned and shouted, “Mom! I’m on Ellen!”

His high energy was contagious, from the rest of his members becoming just as excited and Ellen DeGeneres busting out a smile at the display.

The soft moment had fans just as amazed that Taeyong of all members was the one to not only mention his mom but shout it so enthusiastically.

See Taeyong’s contagious excitement in his literal shout out here.