SuperM’s Ten Craved One Food So Much He Secretly Ate It In A Bathroom

He cheated on his diet just to get a taste of it.

Sometimes idols resort to unusual methods for a cheat snack during their diets. SuperM‘s Ten shared the time he secretly ate a snack in the bathroom.

Ten | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

ELLE Korea asked Ten if he had any “skeletons in [his] closet” that he wouldn’t mind sharing with viewers. He thought of one that anyone who’s ever been on a diet could relate to.

He recalled, “I was on a diet, and I bought a cake.” Rather than sharing it with the members or eating it in moderation, Ten did something much more interesting.

Making Taeyong laugh, Ten admitted, “I ate it all in the bathroom—alone—in secret.

Thinking back on the moment, Ten couldn’t help but think it was “just sad.” At least he could poke fun at it now.

Since Ten is often seen in looks like this see-through shirt of chains, even his cheat snacks can’t mess with his fit figure.

| @tenlee_1001/Instagram

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