SuperM’s Ten Reveals How His Grandmother Inspired His Dream Of Being A K-Pop Idol

If it weren’t for her, the world wouldn’t know Ten as an idol.

Thai-native SuperM‘s Ten opened up about what motivated him to become a K-Pop idol during a segment with WIRED.

His love for dance started when he watched the movie Step Up 2, which inspired him to take on dancing as a hobby. That’s when his grandmother stepped in and inspired him to become a K-Pop idol.

For me, it’s Step Up 2. I watched that, and from there I started to take dancing as my hobby.

She showed him videos of Super Junior, which led him to become interested in the genre and move onto other artists BoA and SHINee.

And, then my grandmother really, like, influenced me into becoming a K-Pop idol because she kept showing me Super Junior. And, from then I started watching Super Junior, and then BoA, and then SHINee. That brings me here.

If it weren’t for his grandmother, there’s a high probability the world wouldn’t have known of SuperM/NCT U/WayV‘s Ten. Without seeing his breathtaking dancing and vibrant personality, that would be a sad world.

Listen to Ten tell the story of how he was motivated to become the amazing idol he is today.