SuperM’s Ten Shows Off His Ability To Learn Languages On The Fly

There’s nothing that Ten can’t do.

SuperM‘s Ten is known for speaking multiple languages: English, Chinese, and Korean, in addition to his native tongue Thai. With so many under his belt, many people wonder how he’s able to do it. He gave everyone a glimpse during their interview with The Ringer.


When the interviewer asked Baekhyun a question in English using the word empathy, Ten didn’t know what the word meant. Instead of brushing it off and forgetting about it, Ten turned to native English speaker Mark and asked him to explain its meaning.

After the mini-lesson, Ten had fully understood the word and did what all studious language learners do. Within minutes, he applied what he’d learned when asked about his joy of studying new cultures. It makes it easier for him to express himself while performing because “You don’t need to care about people’s race”:

No matter what, you can empathize with them.

The secret to the speed of Ten’s language learning is simple. Not only does he get real-world experience to practice, but he asks about words he isn’t familiar with and instantly applies what he learns.

Source: The Ringer