A SuperM Video Game Wouldn’t Be As Action-Packed As You’d Expect, According To Taeyong

Mark was just as amused by the change in genre.

In a fun interview with The FADER, SuperM‘s Mark and Taeyong had to choose between a SuperM video game or a SuperM movie. Mark chose the latter because of their “Avengers” title.


Taeyong took a different approach, deciding a video game would be best since they all like to play games. What would a SuperM video game look like? Taeyong painted his own amusing picture of what it would be.

With all the members having such different personalities, Taeyong noted that there would be many characters to choose from and different abilities to match. To give a few examples, he named what superpowers the members would have.

While moving his hand over his eyes, Taeyong stated that Kai would have the ability to teleport, making Mark chuckle. As for the two of them, Taeyong said, “We can enter people’s dreams.” Although these superpowers sound badass, the video game wouldn’t be based on the title for it.

When Mark asked Taeyong what would be the perfect name for the SuperM video game, he thought for a long pause. He then settled on, “Super Meditation. Super Meditation Game.” It was so out of place that Mark and Taeyong both laughed at how funny it was.

Taeyong was entirely into his idea, placing his hands on his knees and resting in a meditative position. He decided that anyone who plays would receive healing from the experience, “Those who watch our video will be able to gain some healing time.”

By this point, even Taeyong realized it was no longer the action video game that everyone would’ve expected it to be. Mark agreed from his meditative position, “Looks like it. It’s a meditation game.”

From action to meditation, who would’ve thought SuperM could be so versatile? Listen to Taeyong paint a picture of what a SuperM video game would look like. What did you think it would be like?