SuperM Will Be The Next BTS According To This L.A. Entertainment Company

“SuperM will get attention as the representative of K-POP.”

Famous promoter Kevin Morrow has stated that in his opinion, SM Entertainment‘s boy group SuperM will be the next BTS.

SuperM will get attention as the representative of K-POP who will be as popular as BTS. I think SuperM will be the main player that will continue K-POP’s explosive popularity in the global market.

– Kevin Morrow

Kevin Morrow is the CEO of Steel Wood Entertainment, a multi-faceted entertainment company based in Los Angeles. It is notable for being the exclusive agency of Amber Liu, former f(x) member and SM Entertainment artist.

Netizens believe SuperM’s goal should not be to become as popular as BTS.

Being successful like BTS can be one of the goals, but isn’t it your goal to create your own good music and performance? Too much focus on achievement, and that’s not good.

– Korean Netizen

Others think it is not an easy goal to achieve.

Is that possible? It’s not easy for SM to conquer the world music market…

– Korean Netizen

In related news, SuperM will debut on October 4 at 6 PM KST with their first mini album “SuperM.”

Source: Naver