SuperM’s Kai Was 200% Ready To Throw Hands At Lucas

Kai went from 0 to 100 in this Q&A, and nobody can blame him for it.

Magnificent, talented, incredible, glorious. Fans have no problem showering Kai with compliments like these. Lucas, on the other hand…


In a new Q&A with WIRED, SuperM answers questions tweeted by fans. One fan asked the members to use one word to describe each other. Apparently, Lucas chose the wrong one!

Kai. Kai-hyung…um…’good’.

— Lucas


“Good.” That’s it? Really? Kai’s expression screamed, “are you serious?” as Lucas immediately hid behind Mark. Kai let it slide though…until he heard Taemin‘s compliment for Mark!


“Genius,” Taemin said. Uh-oh.


Mark is genius, but Kai is just good? Kai wasn’t having that. At all. He turned around, pointing at Lucas, and said, “Good? You are ‘good’?!”


Next time, Kai might want to try Ten‘s approach. Ten straight up asked Taeyong for a proper compliment!

Good one, please.

— Ten


Check out the whole Q&A here: