This Is Why SuperM’s Latest Poster Is Receiving Negative Reactions

Can you guess what it reminds netizens of?

SM Entertainment‘s highly anticipated boy group SuperM recently released their “End of Century” inspired merchandise in the form of a fabric poster.

The futuristic theme is manifested in the way the members are sporting side bangs, black clothes, and silver chains.

To some netizens however, instead of reminding them of the future, it reminded them of the past. Namely, a poster that dates back to 1999.

What was new in 1999 is now countrified in 2019.

– Korean Netizen

Other netizens couldn’t help but express their dislike for the poster.

No matter how I see it, the text for ‘Super M’ is so ugly ㅠ

– Korean Netizen

Wow…that font…and that design…

– Korean Netizen

Do you think the poster is as bad as netizens are making it out to be?

Source: theqoo