SuperM’s Taeyong Had To Rethink Everything After Using This Word To Describe Taemin

Taemin had a good laugh about the whole thing.

Billboard asked SuperM to choose which member makes the craziest facial expressions when performing.


Taeyong chose Taemin and started off fine by explaining that he was charismatic and sexy when on stage. It was what he said next that had the rest of them raising their eyebrows.

He stated that Taemin was also “a bit immoral.” The word choice made Mark burst into laughter as they all exchanged glances and laughed along with him.

That’s when Baekhyun stepped in and asked whether or not that was the right word to use.

Immoral? Is that word okay?

Thinking better about it, Taeyong decided it wasn’t the right one. He chose to describe Taemin as seductive instead.

Everyone has a moment where they can’t find the right word to describe something. Taeyong just had one of those moments.

Watch Taeyong give everyone a good laugh as he struggles to find the right word.