Suran Responds To Criticism Regarding Screen Shot Of IU’s “Eight” Featuring BTS’s Suga

Coincidence or not?

On May 6, IU released the track “Eight” which was produced and featured BTS‘s Suga. Suga posted a screen shot of the song on BTS’s official Twitter account to announce the release as well.

Fans on an online community board saw a post by singer Suran on Instagram, posting a screen shot of the track as well. What stood out to fans was the time stamp on the song: 1 minute 7 seconds.

Fans found it strange that her screen shot showed the same time stamp as Suga’s photo, but the lyrics for that time stamp were not the correct part from the original song.

The original lyrics for the 1:07 time stamp is what is shown in the photo below:

With more and more people beginning to leave comments about her screen shot, she left a long message explaining her reasoning as to why she had posted the photo the way it was.

Dating rumors between Suga and Suran surfaced back in 2018 due to photos and captions she left through social media. Suran clarified the rumors, which were also denied by Big Hit Entertainment, and apologized for hurting the fans.