Here Is The Surprising Thing That NCT’s Doyoung Considers To Be His Favorite Must-Have Item

He has relatable concerns.

NCT‘s Doyoung sat down with GQ Korea to discuss the items he absolutely must-have in his bag at all times, including a hand sanitizer, a scarf, and his favorite hat—which he says he uses whenever he’s embarrassed about all the product in his hair after a shoot.

| GQ Korea/YouTube

But his favorite must-have item, according to Doyoung, is his breath spray.

He explained that his favorite is from the brand Dr. Pauhls, and that his preferred scents are water lily and peach, which he chooses based on his mood. Doyoung went on to attempt to explain why the breath sprays were his favorite item, saying, “There are times when I talk too much while filming. No one said anything to me, but when you feel you need it—when you feel like…

Doyoung hilariously did not finish his sentence, and the video switched instead to a clip of him saying, “I smell something sweet, it’s the real thing,” before he affirmed that it’s a must-have item while trying it on.

He finished his review of the mouth spray by hilariously saying, “If you’re worried about your surroundings like me, please carry it around.

Doyoung’s frankness when revealing his favorite items is both funny and refreshing, especially because he’s not afraid to admit the things that he finds embarrassing, whether it’s how his hair looks after a long shoot, or how his breath possibly smells after talking for so long! In any case, his love of breath sprays was only one of the items in his bag that proves that Doyoung is obsessed with smelling good, as his must-have items also included a raspberry scented hand sanitizer, a white musk hand lotion, and two different perfumes.

Additionally, he revealed a couple of things about his members that fans may find heartwarming, including the fact that one of Doyoung’s important items is a gift from Taeyong, who seemingly gave Doyoung a lot of money for his birthday along with the special propolis.

He also claimed his most essential item is his SM Entertainment company ID card, which he needs to access the building and all its rooms. When the staff asked him who was the member who most often forgot his company ID card, Doyoung claimed it was Haechan, whom Doyoung claims doesn’t even carry a bag with him.

Doyoung couldn’t get over how Haechan never carries anything on him other than his phone, saying that Haechan, unlike him, has adapted to using his phone for everything, including his credit card.

Doyoung revealed a lot about himself by sharing his must-have items, proving he’s relatable, genuine and appreciative of the people around him!

You can watch the full video below.