BTS’s “Run” Editors Had Way Too Much Fun At Suga’s Expense

They captured Suga’s hilarious struggles perfectly.

In a survival game, there are two kinds of people: Suga or V. Which one are you?

On May 29, BTS surprised fans with a “Survival Director’s cut” of Episode 101 of Run BTS! This hilariously chaotic video shows more of the members battling it out over balloons in a bouncy obstacle course.

Like in any other game, there were big winners and big losers. Sniper V took the top score with the game’s highest kill count (32) and 13 deaths for an overall score of 19.

Meanwhile, Suga placed last with -15 points (12 kills and 27 deaths). He spent twice as much time dying as he did killing his opponents!

Throughout the video, the show’s editors had a blast roasting Suga with their captions.

They pointed out his numerous “deaths” again…


…and again!

The editors also predicted Suga’s #1 ranking before the game ended.

Action-packed marathons just aren’t Suga’s thing…

..but maybe next time, Agust D will come to his rescue!