How to survive when giant Korean killer bees attack

Giant korean bees are known to be vicious and attack those who are vulnerable. Take these precautions to spare yourself when you encounter these killer bees.

After the recent death of two adult males as a result of the attack of these giant Korean bees, MBC News decided to publish tips that could help save your life when you come face to face with these angry bees.

According to MBC News, there are some tips to protect yourself from a giant Korean killer bee attack. Make sure to always wear a hat since the bees will roam around your head and in your hair. Other tips include being fully covered, carefully handling bee hives, and running as quickly as possible.

The MBC news channel gave 2 important tips that go against popular beliefs

  1. Giant Killer Bees act more aggressively towards darker colors due to the fact that their natural predators are bears and badgers who have dark coats.
  2. Standing still will not stop these bees from chasing you, in fact these bees are very territorial so the quicker you get away from the bee the sooner it will stop chasing you.

Be sure to check out the video below for further tips to protecting yourselves from these dangerous insects in Korea!