Suzy Amazed By American Artist’s Realistic Painting Of Her

An artist posted his portrait of miss A‘s Suzy and, to everyone’s surprise, she responded with this Instagram post.

Idols receive so much fanart that it must be difficult for them to see it all, much less thank them for it. This one piece of art, however, was so beautiful that Suzy took the time to personally thank the artist via Instagram.

Andy Espinoza, a portrait artist based in Florida, recently uploaded his gorgeous portrait of Suzy to his Instagram account. When she saw his art, Suzy immediately shared his portrait of her on her own Instagram account, tagged Espinoza in the post, and thanked for the portrait him with a couple of emojis.

Check out Suzy’s portrait along with some of the artist’s other work below:

@andyespinozaart ??

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Pastel and charcoal drawings on toned paper.

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