Suzy apologized to fans for her appearance at recent event

During miss A‘s Suzy recent fan meeting, she confessed she thought her face looked bloated, but her beautiful looks still left fans in awe.

Suzy is definitely one of the most popular and loved idols in K-Pop, and her flawless features continue to leave fans in love with her. Recent candid photo’s of Suzy reveal her ethereal beauty as she looks beautiful from every angle.

But while Suzy may not always be confident about her looks, even recently apologizing for not look her best with a bloated face at a recent fan meeting, photos from the event revealed that she actually looked stunning at the event.

Take a look at these photos revealing Suzy’s stunning natural beauty at her recent fan meet and greet below.

Suzy may think she looks bloated but she is just a beautiful.

Suzy confessed she though she did not look her best for fans but her bloated face is just as beautiful.

Her beauty is undeniable.

Her bloated face looks beautiful and youthful.

She looks beautiful from every angle.

Her bloated face reminds fans of her youthful looks from her debut.

Suzy looks cute and youthful yet beautiful and elegant. She continues to leave fans in awe.

Fans adore Suzy’s natural beauty.