Suzy Confesses That She Does Not Know What Happiness Is

In a recent episode of Park Jin Young’s Party People, Suzy revealed she struggled to feel happy.

Park Jin Young had asked her whether she was happy with her success in both her career and personal life.

Suzy’s response, however, came as a surprise as she expressed that she often felt indifferent even in the happiest of moments.

“The correct response would be that I am happy, but happiness doesn’t really have a rubric so it’s difficult to tell.

When I receive an award, or in any joyful situation, I often think to myself, ‘Why am I so indifferent?’ So I think I’ve been searching for what really makes me happy.”

— Suzy

She also revealed that her solo song “Pretend” was one of her favorites, especially due to the lyrics.

“I really liked the lyrics. I think it’s a little scary because I can’t be free from people’s views or their opinions.

I empathized with the song so much that I fantasized that maybe this song was made based on my situation.”

— Suzy

Suzy’s “Pretend” is a song about how she struggles to pretend being happy due to being in the spotlight.

We hope Suzy can find true happiness in all aspects of her life.

Source: YTN, Sports Today, and MBC