Why Suzy Looks Best With Dark Hair (According To A Korean Image Consultant)

Do you wish Suzy would go blonde?

Alongside her singing and acting talents, Suzy has always been known for her incredible visuals. However, while there’s no doubt Suzy is beautiful enough to pull off any hairstyle, you may have noticed how she’s almost always seen with dark hair. Here’s why she’s so committed to it, according to Korean image consultant Choi Ji Woo.

While Suzy is sometimes seen with light- to medium-brown hair, she typically sports dark brown or black locks. In fact, the only times fans have seen her with bright blonde hair are when she’s donned a wig. For example, she wore a long platinum wig for her Beanpole endorsement.

She also once wore a short, blonde wig for a photo shoot. Like many K-Pop fans, Suzy’s fanbase has often called for her to go blonde again—so why doesn’t she?

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According to Choi Ji Woo, there is a reason why dark hair seems to suit her so much better.

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Choi Ji Woo started by noting how Suzy has been gorgeous since day one. Her “pure and clean attraction” can be described as a “summer type” visual. Rather than sporting the bold, strong features of a “winter type”, Suzy’s face has a delicate feel which suits natural makeup. On top of that, she has a fair skin tone and fine skin texture.

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A natural attraction is a big part of Suzy’s face itself.

— Choi Ji Woo

According to the personal image consultant, hair color makes a big difference to someone with Suzy’s summer visuals. While you may assume someone with dainty features like Suzy would look best with a bright hair color—like blonde—the truth is that dark hair looks much better.

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Dark hair contrasts Suzy’s clear skin, says Choi Ji Woo, and brings out her signature “cool, refreshing attraction.” On top of that, since Suzy looks best with natural makeup that shows off the beauty she was born with, a natural dark hair color is the perfect way to complement her looks.

Besides, a clean-cut and neat feeling is her forte; rather than too bright or unique colors, choosing natural colors with the innate natural feeling will enable a summer type’s own clean-cut and refreshing attraction to stand out.

— Choi Ji Woo

The image consultant went on to note that hair isn’t the be-all and end-all of Suzy’s charming appearance. She also has alluring facial expressions, sparkling eyes, and a warm smile sure to draw anyone in.

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