Suzy And Her Friends Do Something Unusual Whenever They Get Drunk Together

“A lot of the time, you don’t even remember what you said.” 

A recent interview with Cosmopolitan has revealed that Suzy has a unique drunken habit of recording her friends with an audio recorder!


Suzy shared that she would use the audio recorder to interview her friends.

“When I drink with my friends, I turn on an audio recorder and interview them.” — Suzy


She explained that she would then listen to the recordings when she is sober.

“If you listen to the recordings again when you’re sober, you will be shocked to hear things you didn’t know, or words that you didn’t realize were in your vocabulary. A lot of the time, you don’t even remember what you said.” — Suzy


Finally, Suzy revealed that she has written song lyrics based on this method, and hopes to do an interview drunk.

“I would like to do a drunken interview one day. Drunk people tend to show their original disposition. I think that an article sharing frank and honest  stories revealed from drinking would be fun.” — Suzy


Many people have drunken habits, but Suzy’s is truly unique!


Source: Dispatch and TV Report