Suzy Gave Everyone A Heart Attack With Her Baby Bump Photo

Suzy’s post caught everybody off guard.

Suzy posted some new photos of herself, and they startled just about everybody.

The photos showed Suzy rubbing what looks to be her pregnant belly, and they could have caused a big misunderstanding if it wasn’t for the caption.

The caption reads, “Our movie, ‘Ashfall’ surpassed 8 million, so here are some photos of Ji Young! Hi, little one. (This could surprise those who haven’t watched the movie)

It turns out that the photos were taken on the set of her film, Ashfall, in which she played Jo In Chang’s pregnant wife, Choi Ji Young.

But the belly was so realistic and the photos were so unexpected that fans couldn’t contain their surprise.

Whose is it?

– Surprised Fan

Wow, that scared me.

— Surprised Fan

Although it turned out to be false, fans are still expressing that they would support the star and be happy for her even if something of the sort happened for real.

But she really got her fans with this one.

At least she gave everyone a heads up?