Suzy Is A Goddess On The Baeksang Arts Awards Red Carpet

Suzy channels her inner Disney Princess in these photos.

On May 1, singer/actress Suzy attended the 55th annual Baeksang Arts Awards red carpet and looked absolutely stunning.

In pictures released by Dispatch, Suzy channels her inner Disney Princess in a blush, off-the-shoulder gown that is embellished with a floral pattern.

She takes the floral theme to her accessories as well, accenting her look with matching floral earrings and a statement floral ring on her right index finger. The rest of her jewelry, including her teardrop-pendant filled necklace, are all dainty and understated.

Her hair is in a messy ponytail that adds to the effortless regality of the overall look. Suzy’s overall styling is minimalist; she’s never needed nor relied on heavy styling to accentuate her natural beauty.

In addition to being dazzlingly beautiful, Suzy has leapt her way into the public’s heart through her singing and acting. Suzy’s upcoming drama Vagabond is set for a September 2019 premiere.

Source: Dispatch