Suzy Posts A Drawing Vlog To Help Fans Sleep— But They Did Everything But That

She’s got it all!

Although we know she serves visuals and talent daily, Suzy’s most recent vlog gained attention again for her legendary beauty. She posted a comment hoping that this video would help fans have a good night’s sleep.

Hello it’s been awhile :) The weather has gotten better. This video is of me enjoying my small hobby after finishing filming. It sounds like ASMR so it will help you go to sleep. Good night.

However, this video did not help in fans’ getting a good night’s sleep as all they could do was focus on her stunning visuals.

Suzy’s drawing vlog just came out but I can’t pay attention because of her face.

Suzy is so pretty…even this close up.

While Suzy is taking a break…I am fainting because of her.

Although she draws as a hobby, there could be times that she could be frustrated if it doesn’t turn out the way she wants, but she said, ‘Since I’m doing this as a hobby, I don’t have to be good at it and I feel liberated knowing nothing is set in stone. Although there are times I want to draw better, it’s just a feeling that needs to be agreed upon with me.’ This part shows just how mature and professional she is.

She looks like an art student in college.

The company bought her a camera, and she’s so cute because she’s not used to using it yet, and so she keeps holding her hands to adjust the lighting.

To see more of her beauty, watch the vlog below! (Warning: be prepared for multiple visual attacks!)

Source: theqoo


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