Suzy’s Manager Reveals She Always Does This When She’s Super Drunk

Suzy held an honest, personal interview with Elle Magazine and shot a gorgeous photo shoot as well.

During the interview, Suzy was told that she would probably be lovely even if she was drinking alcohol. 

“First of all [after drinking] – I instantly get happy and start talking a lot.

Also, according to the manager who comes along with me says that I have this habit when I get drunk.

He said I would text message “Hmph” to the people who left the drinking session early.

Umm… suffice to say… That’s considered adorable right?”

— Suzy

Suzy is not shy to talk about drinking and she even drank on a broadcast in the past as well! 

On that broadcast, she even revealed how her first kiss was and with who it was!

Source: ELLE