Suzy And Park Bo Gum Look So Beautiful Together That Koreans Are Begging For A Collab

It’s no surprise Koreans want the nation’s beloved stars to work together, with faces like these!

Suzy and Park Bo Gum have never starred in a drama together or filmed any CFs or photoshoots, but the two came together to MC the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards earlier this year – and Koreans noticed something about their interactions.


Koreans realized they had amazing chemistry while MCing together – and their faces matched well.


Although the two don’t seem to be close, even appearing slightly awkward with each other on the red carpet, fans can’t help but wish for a collaboration.


The two have run into each other at previous awards ceremonies and always appeared to suit each other perfectly.


A fan-made clip featuring the two as high school students is gaining support from netizens, with fans excited over the possibilities of such visuals and talents together in one drama.


According to netizens, even a drama with a boring plot would do well with the nation’s leading stars in the major roles.

  • “Please let them shoot a drama together… I saw those fan-made dramas on Youtube? It was totally pretty.”
  • “With a male and female leads pretty like that, even with a boring plot, they’ll hit daebak.”
  • “I’m a Bogum fan, and when I look at height, age and chemistry, I can only think of Suㅋㅋ She’s milky white and pretty, they are both puppy types and feel innocent… But when they MCed together on Baeksang, the impenetrable wall between them was so strong  ㅋㅋㅋ Anyways, they have similar level of fame and age so can’t they just work together? They seriously suit each other.”
  • “Park Bogum 93, Suzy 94, even their age is perfect…”


In April, the two were rumored to be in talks regarding the lead roles in upcoming drama People of Incheon Airport, but both labels dashed fan hopes when they denied the stars had confirmed roles in the production.


Nevertheless, netizens are still hopeful the two will work together some time in the future!

Source: Pann Nate