Suzy Picks Her Favorite Hairstyle She’s Ever Worn

There were some strong choices, but one took the crown.

Actress and singer Suzy met with MMTG‘s Jae Jae for a hilarious walk down memory lane. While looking back on all her iconic hairstyles, Suzy revealed which one was her favorite.

Suzy | @skuukzky/Instagram

After narrowing down Suzy’s top hairstyles, she was left with three options to choose from. The first was an elegant yet simple low bun.

The second hairstyle was her long, curly hair from Suzy’s viral fancam for a performance of miss A‘s “Love Song”.

The third choice was a drastic change from the other ones. It was Suzy’s short hair from her acting role in While You Were Sleeping. Although all three options were strong, Suzy didn’t hesitate to choose.

Laughing at how quickly she decided, Suzy pointed at her iconic short hair. She was even willing to try it out again but had an obstacle preventing her from doing so.

Because Suzy has to be ready to play any character for an acting role, she can’t chop off her hair to revisit the look.

I really want to cut my hair short, but… If I get a chance to sport that hairstyle again for another work, I can do that then.

— Suzy

See Suzy take a humorous walk down memory lane with Jae Jae.