Suzy Receives Praise For Supporting Feminist Movie

She posted the “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982” movie poster on her Instagram account.

On October 22, singer and actress Suzy showed her support for the movie “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982” by sharing its movie poster on her Instagram account. The movie stars Gong Yoo and Jung Yu Mi, her label mates from SOOP Management.

She captioned the post with,

The story of all of us #Kim Ji Young, Born 1982

“Kim Ji Young, Born 1982” is based on the best selling novel of the same name. It tells the story of Kim Ji Young who was born in 1982 and is someone’s daughter, wife, mother, and co-worker. With a storyline women could easily relate to, it became a big hit in Korea, selling over one million copies. Its feminist themes, however, made it controversial in a conservative country like Korea.

Fans praised Suzy for supporting the movie in spite of the controversy it is receiving.

You knew you’d be blamed, but you kept your faith.
Why do people hate it so much? ㅋㅋㅋ Suzy~ I will cheer for you and ‘Kim Ji Young, Born 1982’

– Korean Netizens

“Kim Ji Young, Born 1982” will be released on October 23, 2019.

Source: Naver