Suzy Spent Over $60,000 On Luxurious Gifts For Her Fans

Suzy showered her fans with love once again by spending over $60,000 on gifts to give to those who came to her showcase and pre-recording.

800 fans were allowed to attend Suzy’s comeback showcase and Suzy prepared a gift bag for each one of them.

The contents included 20 packets of Nescafe instant coffee, a keychain, light stick, and slogan.

However Suzy also gave each attending fan a tube of Lancome Lip Gloss, valued at ₩42,000, totaling ₩33.6 million KRW ($30,912 USD) on just that one product alone!

A few days later during the pre-recording for her first comeback performance at M! Countdown, Suzy gifted all 350 attendees another special gift bag.

This one contained a lightstick, special photo cards, and a Didier Dubot ring, valued at ₩100,000 KRW ($92 USD).

With just the Lancome lip gloss and Didier Dubot rings alone, Suzy spent ₩68.6 million KRW ($63,112 USD) on her fans!

Source: Sporbiz