Suzy Spotted With Her Hair Chopped Off Filming New Drama

Fan-taken photos revealed Suzy‘s gorgeous new and mature look while shooting for a drama. 

After constantly being photoshopped with short hair, fans have finally gotten to see the JYP Entertainment beauty with short hair in real life. While filming for an upcoming SBS drama tentatively titled While You Were Sleeping, fans who were in the area stealthily took some pictures of Suzy and her co-star Lee Jong Suk. The drama will begin airing in the second half of 2017.

The upcoming drama is about a woman who can foresee unfortunate events in her dreams and a prosecutor who does everything he can to prevent the woman’s dreams from coming true. Suzy and Lee Jong Suk were seen filming in a coffee shop in a trench coat and tuxedo, and Suzy received a great amount of praise for pulling off the new hairstyle so well.

Suzy idly stands alone for a scene of the upcoming drama.
Lee Jong Suk and Suzy deep in conversation.
Fans cannot wait for Suzy to debut her new short hair on the big screen!
Looks like this is a pretty dramatic scene!
Suzy and Lee Jong Suk sit next to each other looking out of the coffee shop.
When she puts her hair up, she manages to look cute too!
Suzy looks so mature and beautiful in her new hairstyle!


What do you think of Suzy’s new hair?

Source: Pann