Suzy Stuns Netizens With Her Unaging Visuals After Joining The “Hime Cut” Hairstyle Trend

Suzy’s timeless beauty goes viral after netizens review her latest pictures.

Suzy was almost 16 years old when Miss A made their explosive debut in 2010. Since her debut, she’s had a meteoric rise in fame through her acting, modeling, and activities as an idol, making her a true all-rounder.

Suzy | @skuukzky/Instagram

Having grown up in front of fans, people around the world have witnessed Suzy’s charming personality and gorgeous visuals blossom over the years, earning her the title “nation’s first love.”

She’s had hearts captured since her debut and has continued to charm fans with her solo career since Miss A’s disbandment in 2017.

Suzy during Miss A’s debut era | JYP Entertainment

In her 13 years in the entertainment industry, Suzy has mostly kept her hair long and dark brown or black, only cutting her hair to a shoulder-length bob in 2017 while filming the K-Drama While You Were Sleeping.

Suzy in “While You Were Sleeping” in 2017

Suzy with long brown hair in 2021 | @skuukzky/Instagram

While she’s frequently had bangs, Suzy’s visuals with her latest, trendy fringe went viral on Korean online community boards.

Suzy recently joined the “Hime-cut” trend, Hime meaning princess in Japanese, which is a style inspired by Japan’s Imperial Court during the Heian Period. The style consists of blunt bangs with two blunt-cut face-framing side pieces.

Suzy in November 2022 | @skuukzky/Instagram

Suzy’s insane visuals, with her trendy, modern haircut, had netizens wondering if time had been turned back as the talented idol looked just as youthful as the day she debuted.

Suzy in 2023 | @skuukzky/Instagram

Suzy in 2023 | @skuukzky/Instagram

Suzy in 2023 | @skuukzky/Instagram

Netizens couldn’t help reacting to her timeless beauty, sharing their praise for her doll-like visuals.

| Nate Pann

  • “I’m not sure if I am stanning a person or a doll.”
  • “How does she look like that? Seriously…”
  • “I would be so happy to live with that face.”
  • “Wow, she’s really wonderful.”

Suzy’s not the only Korean celebrity rocking the fashion-forward “Hime cut,” check out 16 additional celebs that have effortlessly joined the trend in the article below.

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Source: Nate Pann and Allure