This Ulzzang Was Known For Being Suzy And Sulli’s Lookalike, Here’s What She’s Doing Now

It’s been 3 years since everyone was introduced to her:

Fans are always stunned when they stumble upon someone who looks just like their bias but a few years ago, one high schooler had jaws dropping all over the world with her visuals that had people seeing not one idol, but two!


Back in 2016, netizens first discovered Sulli and Suzy‘s lookalike when photos from a high school’s outing were uploaded online. Netizens quickly noticed one girl’s visuals looked a lot like Sulli and Suzy.


She was quickly dubbed as the “ulzzang high school student” by netizens and her photos went viral with everyone convinced that she would be making her debut as an idol or actress very soon!


Eventually, fans lost track of her until now. The “ulzzang high school student” has recently resurfaced, although she isn’t a high school student anymore!


Netizens have recently rediscovered Lee Eun Jae and are getting blown away once again by her absolutely stunning visuals. Although Lee Eun Jae has definitely grown up, her visuals have grown right along with her!


But it isn’t just her visuals that have caught everyone’s attention. Although many netizens predicted that she would debut as an idol or actress when she first caught attention back in 2016, she didn’t go into either field. Instead, Lee Eun Jae is a model.


She’s modeled for many different companies so far and is currently working for popular K-Beauty brand Innisfree.


Not only that but, Lee Eun Jae is also an avid Instagrammer with over 129,000 followers. Her Instagram page is full of all sorts of gorgeous photos and videos that will make your heart melt.


Nowadays, Lee Eun Jae isn’t known as the “ulzzang high school student” or Suli and Suzy’s lookalike, she’s known as Lee Eun Jae, hardworking and gorgeous model and inspiring Instagrammer!