Suzy Used This Cellphone Case and Their Profits Went From $340 to $4.5 Million

Marymond is a company that aims to help Korean comfort women through their design contents.

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All their products are designed by comfort women who served as sexual slaves during Japanese colonial rule.

Image Source: thepcyg

The founder of the company, Yoon Hong Jo, established Marymond after dropping out of university in 2012.

He received a 5.25 million KRW ($4,666 USD) refund for his tuition and decided to found Marymond with it.

In the first year, his profit capped at 340,000 KRW ($302 USD), but in 2015, Suzy completely changed his life around.

She was spotted at an airport with a stunning floral phone case that grabbed everyone’s attention.

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Fans researched her phone case to find that it was from Marymond, a company with a beautiful cause.

From then on, their company saw a huge increase in profits, not only for the celebrity endorsement, but also for their pure and selfless motives.

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Ever since then, Marymond’s profits have continued climbing and in 2016, it reached 45 million KRW ($4,500,00 USD).

Now, more and more celebrities continue to proudly wear their products, including Hollywood’s Tom Hardy, who was spotted with a Marymond bracelet!

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