Suzy And Yoona Wore The Same Outfit And Both Outshined It With Their Beauty

They both exuded their own charm.

Suzy and Yoona have been gaining attention for having worn the same outfit but exuding their own unique charisma in it.

On May 31, Suzy participated in the LANCÔME Special Pop Up Day Event held at the Hyundai Department Store in Samseong-dong.


On this day, Suzy handed out the limited-edition products to customers who purchased them.


Suzy wore a white button-up dress that highlighted her pure skin and femininity.


The same dress, however, was also worn by Yoona in her photoshoot for Pandora back in April.


She exuded an elegance that was perfect for a jewelry model.


And while the two actresses wore the same dress, they both boasted their own set of charms.

Here’s to these two talented, visual queens!

Source: Dispatch

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