Suzy’s new look caught fans by surprise at Incheon airport

Suzy looked effortlessly stunning and more mature with her new short haircut and chic airport fashion!

On April 5, Suzy was spotted at Incheon International Airport heading off to Okinawa, Japan for her photo shoot with the sunglasses brand, CARIN. It seems that the photo shoot had already begun at the airport as she looked flawless while preparing to jet off to the small Japanese island.

For her upcoming drama, While You Were Sleeping, Suzy chopped off her long locks and is now sporting a stylish, shorter haircut. With her new hair and her business-like attire, fans were amazed at how mature her overall look has become.

Take a look at how professional and chic Suzy look in these airport photos!

From head to toe, everything is on point!
Her short hair definitely suits this look very well.
Indeed, the visuals of a professional actress.
When she takes off her sunglasses, she’s back to being lovely Suzy.
Suzy looking refreshing and adorable as she waves goodbye.
Suzy will forever be “the nation’s first love.”
Suzy has natural beauty and perfect milky skin!

Even with her new style, she’s still her classic self.