Red Velvet Seulgi Sweats So Much Her Stylist Struggles Every Time She Performs

Red Velvet’s Seulgi tends to sweat easily, which has made her hair get messy but also made her look extra sexy.

Seulgi once revealed that stylists have a hard time styling her after she finishes performing a song.

The reason being… she sweats a lot after dancing.

Seulgi said that her sweat makes her hair curly. The stylists have to style and straighten her hair every time she sweats!

She even has the nickname “Sweaty Seulgi.”

However, fans noticed that her sweat made Seulgi have a continuous, natural glow to her. 

It somewhat helps her look sexier when she’s performing. 

Seulgi always makes sure to stay hydrated after sweating a lot!

Although it may be a hassle for the staff, it makes her powerful dancing seem even more intense on stage!