The Unexpected Reason A “Sweet Home 2” Actor Enjoys Reading Hate Comments About Himself

“I read…every single one!” πŸ˜†

When actors Lee Jin Uk and Song Kang from Netflix‘s horror series Sweet Home 2 stopped by the Salon Drip set, they caused laughter when revealing some of their quirky habits.

Jang Do Yeon, Song Kang, and Lee Jin Uk. | @teo.universe/Instagram

When asked whether or not they read comments about themselves, Lee Jin Uk denied doing so. However, there was one exception.

Lee Jin Uk admitted, “I read every single Instagram reply! Like every single one!

The actor found it “very entertaining” to read fans’ funny comments. The same applied to comments that weren’t intended to be positive.

While other actors have voiced how hurt they’ve been by hate comments, Lee Jin Uk had the opposite reaction. Making everyone on set laugh, he explained, “I also find hateful comments very funny too. How do people swear in such a variety of ways?

Although Lee Jin Uk hasn’t received many hate comments, he laughed off the ones he did read.

See the actor cause laughter by turning his hate comments into a way to laugh at netizens’ vulgar language.