2 “Sweet Home” Actors Have So Much Chemistry They Want To Star In A Romance K-Drama Together

They want to show their real personalities on screen.

The cast of Netflix‘s horror series Sweet Home has grown close after filming three seasons of the show together. So close that one couple from the show wouldn’t mind taking their chemistry to a romance K-Drama next.

The cast of “Sweet Home 2.”

When actress Go Min Si and actor Jung Jinyoung were interviewed by Cosmopolitan Korea, the magazine asked the co-stars to choose between doing a romantic comedy or action series together.

Proving their chemistry was just as amazing off-screen, both of them chose a romantic comedy.

Since the two have spent a lot of time filming the apocalyptic series Sweet Home, Jung Jinyoung wouldn’t mind a break to film “something happy.” Go Min Si agreed and shared another reason why it was a good fit for them.

If they managed to have fun behind the scenes of Sweet Home, they would have even more fun on the set of a romantic comedy.

Jung Jinyoung even pointed out how they could show their real personalities through comedic characters.

Jung Jinyoung and Go Min Si. | @gominsi/Instagram

After Sweet Home‘s season three airs, maybe the two will reunite again for another K-Drama.