“Sweet Home” Actresses Go Min Si And Park Gyu Young Share How The Show Brought Them Together

Their chemistry is meant to be!

Actresses Go Min Si and Park Gyu Young recently took part in an interview with 1st Look magazine. Both actresses starred in the hit Netflix horror-thriller Sweet Home, in which they showed some amazing chemistry.


When asked about their “womance” (the female version of “bromance”), Min Si said, “A lot of people have said that they enjoyed our chemistry together. We have similar personalities so we became very close in real life, but it seems that it translated to the screen as well.


They were then asked to elaborate on how they became close.

Both of us have honest personalities. We don’t dress things up or hide them. We also think about the same things when it comes to acting. Our personalities just match very well. Min Si is good at the areas I lack, so we talked often.

—Park Gyu Young


They then both began to compliment each other’s work as Gyu Young said that she likes the way that Min Si delivers lines. “I usually speak more flowingly, so I’m not good at saying lines in a way that sticks out in your mind. There were many times I admired the way she delivered a line.


I actually like her natural tone. Even before we met, there were times when I admired her work in other shows. I was looking forward to working with her so I could learn how she does it, but it doesn’t come easily to me.

—Go Min Si

Catch Go Min Si’s new drama Cliffhanger coming soon! And be on the lookout for a possible appearance from Park Gyu Young in the upcoming dramas Dal Ri and Gamjatang and Devilish Judge.

Source: Star News