Swings Tells Black Nut to Leave His Agency After Getting Called Ugly

Black Nut mentioned Swings’ girlfriend, Im Bo Ra to indirectly call him ugly.

Rapper Black Nut recently featured in Jhnovr‘s “Bless U” and received harsh criticism for the misogynistic lyrics it contained.

But besides the violent lyrics toward women, Black Nut also mentioned the girlfriend of his agency CEO, Swings and used her to indirectly call him ugly.

The lyrics read, “I hope you don’t care about looks just like Im Bo Ra” which can be easily interpreted to mean that Im Bo Ra wouldn’t be dating Swings if she cared about his appearance.

On the day of the song’s release, Black Nut told his followers on Instagram to listen to it, and Swings caught everyone off guard with an unexpected response.

Swings commented, “Please just leave, Dae Woong.


Black Nut rose to fame following his appearance on Show Me The Money 4 back in 2015, and he is currently signed under Swings’ agency, Just Music.

Source: Insight