Audio System Breaks Down During Stellar’s Performance, What They Did Next Shocked Everyone

A video of Stellar performing “Marionette” has resurfaced and has been going viral after an audio malfunction tested the girls’ composure.

Last year, Stellar performed at the 2016 Seoul Girl’s Collection in Gangnam, Seoul, but due to technical difficulties, their audio began looping just before the chorus in the lines, “Can’t I erase you?

As the song was looping, Stellar stayed in the position of that section’s choreography until they realized that the audio wasn’t looking like it would be resolved anytime soon. The audience applauded their efforts, to which Stellar decided it was their responsibility to perform their song until the end.

Thus, they decided to perform the rest of their song without an instrumental, showing exceptional professionalism, as well as giving the audience a glimpse of just how highly skilled their vocals were, before laughing off their experience.

Watch how they recover from the audio mishap here!

Source: Dispatch