Why T-ARA’s Jiyeon Doesn’t Have A Wedding Ring—Despite Being Married For Almost A Year

Her husband Hwang Jae Gyun shared the reasons why.

On December 10 of last year, second-generation K-Pop idol T-ARA‘s Jiyeon held a private wedding ceremony with her husband Hwang Jae Gyun, a famous professional baseball player.

Hwang Jae Gyun and T-ARA’s Jiyeon at their wedding. | @jiyeon2__/Instagram

Although the two have been married for almost a year since then, Jiyeon revealed that she still doesn’t have a wedding ring. In their Wedding Behind Story, the newlyweds revealed why they didn’t follow the tradition.

| @jiyeon2__/Instagram

While most brides dream of their ideal wedding ring and hint to their fiancés what kind they want, that wasn’t the case for Jiyeon. Hwang Jae Gyun revealed, “Jiyeon told me not to buy a wedding ring.” There were two understandable reasons for her rejection of tradition.

Hwang Jae Gyun shared Jiyeon’s words, “You said it’s just expensive, and we won’t always wear it. You hated that.” She offered a different solution instead.

Rather than wasting money on a pricey diamond, they focused on the rings they’d both wear. Jiyeon even “found a good wedding band shop in Jongno,” where they could get matching wedding bands.

Even then, Jiyeon was still worried about wearing something so pricey. Ultimately, they decided on wedding bands from the famous luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co.

The wedding bands look stunning, perfectly suiting their different styles.

See the happy newlyweds prioritize a symbol of their love over expensive diamonds.