Fans Are Going Crazy For T-ara Jiyeon’s Incredible Girl Crush Visuals In Recent Instagram Post

“Manner legs are crazy.”

T-ara‘s Jiyeon showed off incredible charms in her recent Instagram post and she’s seriously girl crush status!

| @jiyeon2__/Instagram

On May 7, Jiyeon posted several photos to her Instagram that highlighted her magnificent figure! In her skinny jeans and a red cropped sweater, Jiyeon was able to flaunt her long slender legs and amazing proportions!


Not only did fans go crazy over her stunning physique, but also her charming mannerism! Since she has a tall figure, Jiyeon leaned one hand against a wall and crouched down to her makeup artist’s level.

| @jiyeon2__/Instagram

Fans were quick to fond over Jiyeon’s girl crush visuals and commented things such as, “Your mannerisms are crazy” and “Unnie is so powerful.”

Manner legs are crazy ❤️

— @xyx._.xjx

Unnie….This picture…. is seriously deadly…. Unnie you also know it…..😍😍😍💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

— @ac401132

My heart hurts.

— @daeun09_14