T-ARA’s Jiyeon Is So Thankful For IU’s Wedding Gift That She Has One Major Regret

She had instant regret upon seeing IU’s lovely gift.

As best friends, IU not only cleared her schedule a year in advance to attend T-ARA‘s Jiyeon‘s wedding but also sang a congratulatory song. She didn’t come to the wedding empty-handed either.

IU and T-ARA’s Jiyeon. | @jiyeon2__/Instagram

Although it’s common for Koreans to gift couples with money at their wedding, IU proved how much she cared for Jiyeon by giving her a beautiful tiara instead. The piece had a double meaning, with pearl being Jiyeon’s birthstone and tiara being the pronunciation of T-ARA. The gift was “so touching” that Jiyeon had one major regret upon seeing it.

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As Jiyeon and her husband Hwang Jae Gyun looked at the footage of IU singing at their wedding, the latter remembered IU’s gift to her. Although Jiyeon “received it before the wedding started,” she recalled the event being “too hectic to open gifts” and set it aside.

When Jiyeon finally opened the gift and saw the stunning tiara, she immediately regretted not opening it sooner. She wished she could’ve worn the tiara when making her grand entrance.

After I opened it, and it hit me, it hit me hard. I thought, ‘If I opened it after receiving it, I would have worn the tiara during the bride entrance.’ It’d be so much more meaningful. It’s such a shame.

— Jiyeon

Although it would’ve made Jiyeon’s special day even more special, IU probably didn’t worry too much about her best friend not wearing it that day. After all, IU probably would have told her to open it immediately.

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See how much Jiyeon appreciates IU’s thoughtful gift and regrets not showing it off on her wedding day.