T.O.P dancing at 2x speed is the funniest sh*t you’ve ever seen

BIGBANG’s T.O.P is the undisputed king of speed dancing, everyone stand back and let him do his thing.

BIGBANG is finally made their first appearance on Weekly Idol, a show hosted by Defconn and Jung Hyung Don.

On the 285th episode of MBC‘s Weekly Idol, the members of BIGBANG took on the speed dancing challenge, where a song is chosen and sped up to twice the normal speed. Idol guests on the show dance to the sped-up version of the song for a segment of the show, with penalties and rewards on the line to make the challenge more interesting.

The challenge began as the group listened to the song first to get a feel for the sped-up version. Hilariously, “Dance God” TOP immediately broke out into a dancing frenzy and showed off a few of his “bingu” dance moves. The rest of the group then joined in to take on the full challenge. Daesung later caused the MC’s to break into tears of laughter with his hilarious dance break.

Check out BIGBANG as they dance “Bang Bang Bang” at twice the normal speed!