Tablo’s Daughter Haru Is Growing Up So Fast And The Internet Is Not Ready

She’s growing up so well.

EPIK HIGH‘s Tablo‘s daughter Haru first entered the hearts of millions as a baby on Return of Superman back in 2013.

Haru as a baby on Return of Superman

Since then, she’s been growing up well as the daughter of one of K-Pop’s leading figures. A photo Tablo posted on May 20 shows that Haru is doing exactly what kids do: growing up right on time but also way too fast at the same time.

Tablo updates his page with pictures and videos of Haru fairly regularly, but fans are still amazed at how quickly she’s grown! This particular post shows just how tall she’s gotten! Even cuter is how Tablo’s first hashtag is #bff (we’re not sobbing…)

Haru, the First Child of K-Pop, actually has her own Instagram account @tabloisdad for all of the fans who want to keep up with Haru and not be completely blind-sided by another one of her growth spurts.

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