Taecyeon Expresses Resentment Against Kim So Hyun While Gifting Her with a Coffee Truck

Taecyeon’s not happy that she never came to visit him in the military.

Ok Taecyeon recently sent Kim So Hyun and her staff a coffee truck to cheer on their drama, The Tale of Nokdu, but what caught the attention of fans was what he wrote on the banners.


The photos show a coffee truck with a banner that reads, “So Hyun, although you didn’t come to visit me in the military…

And on another sign, Taecyeon wrote, “I’m cheering you on, actors and staff! And you too, So Hyun. Although you never came to visit me in the military…


This wasn’t the first time Taecyeon sent his former co-star a coffee truck. During the drama, The Emperor, Taecyeon sent Kim So Hyun a coffee truck that said, “Come visit me in the military” on the front.

It appears that Taeyeon asked Kim So Hyun to come, but she was too busy to do so.

The cute interaction has fans leaving comments such as “That’s so cute, haha“, “He’ll hold onto this grudge forever“, and “That grudge of his, haha“.

The two actors became friends through the tvN drama, Let’s Fight Ghost.

Source: Dispatch